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PAPERCITY PROMOTION How did you first become involved in the homebuilding industry? Tony McClung: Construction and homebuilding have been part of my entire life. I grew up on the job, and I put myself through college doing carpentry and cabinetry while studying architecture and earning my master's degree in engineering from Texas A&M University. I learned first-hand what quality construction is and what it's not — and I can spot the difference quickly. I've personally installed every part of a home at some point in my career, even the electricity. I've worked with my teams of subs for years, and they share the same level of commitment to craftsmanship that I value throughout my work. Tell us about your approach to custom homebuilding. TM: I begin each project by creating the architectural designs myself, offering clients a cohesive experience that is overseen by the same person for both design and build. Following the client's desires, I carefully craft the floor plan, architectural style, lot orientation, and design details and work together to create a sense of place and beauty. I also take my clients on a virtual walkthrough before we finalize any part of the project and begin construction. Together, we virtually enter every room, bathroom, closet, and even the attic — every part of the house. This affords clients a true feel of the home early in the process and allows them to participate in the process from the ground up. I'm committed to clear communication and no surprises along the way. What makes the Dallas homebuilding market unique? TM: Dallas residents take great care and pride in the quality and craftsmanship of their homes, especially in the luxury home market. Our market is a great, fun place to work — we have access to incredible vendors and teams to help each home come to life, and working alongside clients who appreciate and expect quality makes the result an inspiring experience for everyone. Project you're most excited about this year. TM: I'm always looking forward to the next project, whatever it might be. I love the creativity involved in the uniqueness of each custom home, regardless of style. I work on a small number of projects at a time to give each individual project the time and attention it deserves. Sources of inspiration. TM: I am constantly inspired, both in my contemporary and traditional designs, by the amazing architecture I've been able to visit and study in different parts of the country and the world. Design or architectural trends you see in the market. TM: The custom homebuilding market is large enough for both traditional and contemporary, but I've recently seen a return to more traditional styles. I think the nostalgic elements of a traditional home and the visual quality of architectural styles throughout history often encourage an eventual return to traditionalism. Luxury Homes Designed by Tony McClung Tony McClung 135

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